Axon – Thinking Analytics System


Axon is Herrmann’s solution to making Thinking style analysis and reporting accessible to practitioners around the globe. This system is a replacement for the outdated HTMS system.

This new, innovative system takes the HBDI® assessment and its results to a whole new world and opens up new possibilities.

Just a few of the features in the Axon System:

    • A more user-friendly experience.  The ease of completing the HBDI® assessment is greatly improved and much more intuitive.
    • Easy to create Invitations.  Ready for someone to complete the HBDI® assessment?  In a few easy steps, you can send a group invitations to individuals. And…automated reminders!  Just imagine, you set the date for completion and those who haven’t completed the assessment get an automated e-mail reminder…you don’t have to do anything else.
    • A Thinker Journey.  Each “Thinker” (participant) will be able to see the offerings you want to open up to them;  E-learnings, their results, etc…
    • Groups?  An assessment can be in multiple groups with a simple click.
    • Certified Practitioners will be easily updated on new reports, products, assessments, and other offerings from Herrmann International.
    • Additional Reporting.  As quickly as Herrmann International develops new reports, they will be made available to the appropriate practitioners.
    • New Assessments on the horizon.  Herrmann International is preparing new assessments and in the near future, they will be accessible through the Axon system!
    • Licensing. How many assessments have I used?  Easy answers…Axon gives Certified Practitioners quick access to real time counts of usage.
    • HBDI® assessments in the HTMS?  Not to worry.  Data from the HTMS will be migrated over to Axon.
    • Need access to an HBDI® assessment that another Certified Practitioner has?  In the Axon system, we have built in an innovative solution to enable Thinkers to allow other Certified Practitioners to have access to their HBDI® assessment.
    • Need something else?  The great news is, we are continually enhancing this system.  If you see an opportunity for improvement, we want to know about it!  We are here to help you!

To find out about converting your account with Herrmann to Axon Self-processing please contact us via email.

AXON Training Videos and Resources

Visit our Help Centre to watch our series of training videos and resources for Axon. If you are just getting started with Axon or simply need a refresher then start right here.

Report production and printing

Axon allows the administrator to produce many reports. These reports can be printed, saved in PDF format and also emailed. These reports include:

        • the individual HBDI Profile
        • the HBDI Pair Profile
        • the HBDI Team Profile
        • the HBDI Mini Profile
        • Preference Maps—various options
        • Lists of scores—various options.

Report Languages

This is the current list of supported languages. This list is subject to change as more translations completed.

English (US)
Suomalainen (Finnish)
English (UK/International)
Deutsch (German)
Français (French)
Español (Spanish)
Dansk (Danish)
简体中文 (Chinese Simplified)
Svenska (Swedish)
繁體中文 (Chinese Traditional)
Nederlands (Dutch)
日本語 (Japanese)
Português (Portuguese)
Português do Brasil (Brazilian Portuguese)

Axon emails for you!

Axon takes care of the initial emails and reminder emails for you! You do not have to email directly to your participants unless you want to, and Axon keeps you up to date with all the HBDI® survey completions as you go. For a full demonstration of all the features of Axon please visit our help center or contact us for a one on one demo.

For information on Axon Privacy Policy and Terms of Service please visit the link below
View our Axon Terms of Service & Privacy Policy here: