Programs and Solutions for Transformative Thinking

Gain insights and practical applications of Whole Brain® Thinking with the HBDI® and learning programs.

How can our programs and solutions help you? We’ve turned more than 30 years of the most progressive research into the link between thinking preferences and business performance into practical, easy-to-apply programs. That leads to better thinking, performance, and business results.

Get Practical, Easy-to-Apply Programs that Adapt Thinking Preferences to Maximise Results

Don’t trust anyone with your most valuable asset. Get the proven system that has helped 97% of Fortune 100 companies improve performance and business results.

HBDI® Profile

Get the foundation for thinking agility, cognitive diversity, and Whole Brain® Thinking. The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI) is a practical, easy-to-apply program that helps you adapt thinking preferences and optimize brainpower to maximize business results.

Whole Brain® Learning Programs

Put better thinking to work and increase individual and organisational effectiveness. Our learning programs combine real-world applications of Whole Brain® Thinking to solve everyday business issues.

HBDI® Certification

Join the global practitioner network of training professionals, consultants, educators, management specialists and business leaders who are helping to introduce transformative thinking within organisations.

“The HBDI® forms part of our internal language. We utilise and apply Whole Brain® Thinking concepts and materials in our training, to improve and build on team and member relationships by understanding others’ thinking preferences. We use that knowledge to better engage with customers and deliver information in a way that suits the customer, which in turn supports our strategic intent.”

Darlene Matiske-Wood
Darlene Matiske-WoodGeneral Manager OD - People’s Choice Credit Union

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